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Beachbody Coaching-One Of Those Pyramid Things


Really? Beachbody Coaching-One of Those Pyramid Things

download When I became a Beachbody Coach in August 2013 I joined in all honesty for a 25% discount. I could get 25% off the workouts Idownload love and the                    Shakeology I drink everyday? I like discounts! Let’s do this! I was already sharing with people I was close to what I was doing because they started to  notice my results. Wait? I share my results I get with people and I get paid? Maybe I could actually work this as a business to help more people?  Hmmm. Then I looked a little deeper and realized that this was a MLM company and that Beachbody Coaching-One Of Those Pyramid Things !



Many of you have seen this video before and some have not, but it really does a great job explaining a bit more about those”Pyramid Things.”



Despite the facts that Pyramid Schemes are illegal, there have been some bad companies out there that have given MLM companies a bad name. There are bad eggs even at your J.O.B., right?There are a lot of critics out there that have very strong opinions about MLM companies and I find them to be either people that have tried MLM and failed and in turn instead of admitting they failed, they blame MLM or those that choose to criticize rather than educate themselves about how MLM works. Which one are you?

If you would like some more information about how MLM can work to help you be a better person physically and mentally and at the same time help others do the same, please fill out the form below!

One of Those Pyramid Things


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