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Why Shakeology samples

If you have been thinking about trying Shakeology samples or just trying to start your health journey, you have come to the right place! I started my journey about 6 years ago when I bought shakeology-ingredientsInsanity on an infomercial and was introduced to Shakeology after one of the workouts, I looked at the price and laughed and didn’t give it another thought until I plateaued. I was stuck! I wasn’t happy with my results, my energy level or my nutrition. Why not give it a shot? I can return it after 30 days if it doesn’t work, right? I was already spending about $8-14 on a meal with a tiny fraction of the ingredients and benefits of Shakeology which would end up costing me about $4 a day! I was actually going to save money! Win! Win!



Does it really work?

I have used Shakeology almost every single day since then and have maintained my weight, down 20 lbs from when I started, have plenty of energy and it has definitely decreased my cravings because I am now giving my body the nutrients it needs every single day. These are just a few of the benefits! I started recommending Shakeology to my friends, family and coworkers and they all had similar results. I then became a Beachbody Coach. My sister lost over 60 lbs and my brother lost about 40. The results overall have been INCREDIBLE as these are just a few of the people that I have personally introduced to Shakeology. If you would like to check out some more information about Shakeology please click this link here.

Here are a few of the stats on a clinical survey done.

  • 93% feel healthier since drinking Shakeology
  • 72% say that Shakeology has helped them lose weight
  • 86% feel Shakeology has helped them increase their energy
  • 81% feel Shakeology has helped them reduce their cravings for junk food
  • 81% say Shakeology helps keeps them full until the next meal
  • 82% reported improved digestion

So how do I get my Shakeology samples? Trinity

First of all I have to be your Coach. It’s super easy to sign up, its free and then I will have all your mailing information. Click the link to sign up. The second requirement is that you are requesting this sample with good intent. What do I mean? Well it cost me about $6-$8 per sample to mail out (not including my time) and as I don’t mind sending them out I would just ask if you have no intent of buying if you like the taste to please respect my time and money and don’t request a sample. I have a limited amount to give out and I want to reserve those samples to people that are really serious about starting their health journey.

AFTER you have signed to have me as your Coach or if I already am please fill out the form below and I can get your sample out to you. Please click what flavor you are requesting and I will mail them out as they are available. Thanks for your interest and I hope to chat with you again soon!

Shakeology Samples

  • Please do not add your address here as I will be able to send it to the address listed with your Free Beachbody account.



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