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Working Out With Children

Working  Out with Children

Being a parent certainly means experiencing sleepless nights, busy schedules and lack of sufficient time for yourself. Parenthood can sometimes be the reason why you can no longer manage to go to the gym for your workout routine. Home equipment starts to collect dust as responsibilities pile up at home, and your daily exercise regimen slows from a crawl to a dead stop.  So instead of choosing between your kids and your fitness, why not include your children in your routine? Working out with the kids can also be an ideal parent-children bonding.

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Working out with the kids seems to be an interactive activity, and there are many ways to do this including the following:

  • Stretching

As with the start of any workout, you can begin with stretching. You can involve your children by letting them stretch with you. If you are planning to include your baby, you can place your baby on a swing or in a Bumbo as you do stretch.

  • Sit Ups

If you have a swing at home, you can put one of your kids on the swing and then position yourself in front with your knees at the feet of your child. You can begin lying down with your knees bent. With every sit-up, touch the feet of your baby. You can do this in repetitions for about three sets or however long your baby will let you!

  • Push Ups

If you have a precious little one at home, you do not have to worry about not having the chance to work out at home. Believe it or not, you can do some push-ups with your baby at home. Depending on your strength, you can either do pushups on your toes or your knees. Pushups that start with the knees on the floor can be much easier. Put your baby in between your arms in a push-up position. Make sure that your back is straight and your shoulders and arms are wide apart. Bend the arms to 90 degrees and then push yourself back up.

Each time you downward, give your precious little one a kiss on the forehead. This might also enable you to determine how far to go downward to obtain a more effective pushup.

  • Biking and Running

After doing some workout sessions with your children at home, you can also do some biking or running. These are both ideal forms of exercising and bonding between you and your child. Biking and running are good choices when it comes to working out with kids because as your children get older, they can continue to go for a walk and ride a bicycle with you.

Aside from biking and running, there are other workout activities that you can do together with your kids such as swimming, hiking, taking aerobics classes, kickboxing, jogging and the list goes on and on.

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Get creative! What ways have you found to include your children in your workouts? What DIY parenting ideas do you have that help create time for exercise and a bonding experience for the family?


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