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21 Day Fix Extreme Worksheets

21 Day Fix Extreme Worksheets

You’re doing  21 Day Fix Extreme, so you want the 21 Day Fix Extreme Worksheets. But there aren’t any! This is the only available customized 21 Day Fix Extreme Worksheets out there. The 21 Day Fix Extreme is much like the 21 Day Fix, but with higher intensity and more complex movements. With this higher level of workout program comes a higher level of commitment. But how are you going to know your progress without having some way to keep track? You can’t. How will you know what to do today if you don’t know what you did yesterday?

Accurate record-keeping isn’t just for accountants. Fitness enthusiasts, professionals, and the home gym enthusiast will all benefit from a little workout tracking. It is true that this program is designed to be done in sync with those on-screen, but that doesn’t account for differences in fitness level – those who need to push a little faster or lift a little more or can’t quite do all the reps in a set. Wherever you’re at on the fitness spectrum, these 21 Day Fix Extreme Worksheets will be a key part of your progress.

21 Day Fix Extreme Worksheets Tracker

The 21 Day Fix and The 21 Day Fix Extreme Worksheets: Improved

These are designed for the entire program. No more flipping through sheets to see your last workout. You’ll have your whole month side by side. I’ve even included an extra column so you can overlap workouts or just put in that extra week. You’ll be able to see your progress as you go, rather than wonder what to do today.

The 21 Day Fix Extreme Worksheets have spots for the weight you’re using. Are your light and heavy weight going to stay the same for weeks on end? Probably not. Why not have a place to write down what light and heavy mean? Are you tracking your food with the checklist? Are you drinking your Shakeology every day? Track your weights too!

You’re now tracking your workouts, why not give yourself that little extra push and join one of my free challenge groups. A challenge group gives you accountability and has proven to increase program completion rates. Give yourself that little extra push. Just contact me today to find out how.

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