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21 Day Fix Workout Sheets

21 Day Fix Worksheets

Want the 21 Day Fix Workout Sheets but can’t find them at the Beachbody site? That’s because they don’t exist. In fact, they almost don’t exist at all. The 21 Day Fix Workout Sheets solve the problem of keeping track of your weight progression from week to week. And you have progressed.

21 Day Fix Workout Sheets Tracker

The whole point of having the 21 Day Fix Workout Sheets is to track your progress. The whole point of any workout or program worksheets is to see what you need to do today based on what you did yesterday. The only way to show gains in your fitness is to track the path you’ve walked so far. You can certainly get a notebook out and go that route, which has been the only option until now, but I recommend these worksheets.

These sheets are designed to be a better solution than anything out there. They are easy to use. Just print them out, mark them up, and keep them handy. No screens to scroll through and no guesswork about what exercise is next.

21 Day Fix Workout Sheets on the Go.

Another benefit to having the worksheets is the ability to take your workouts with you. No worries about internet connection, Beachbody OnDemand being down for maintenance or no juice to the laptop. Pull out the sheet and do the exercise. The exercises are all listed in order with bars for breaks. You’ll probably need to have done the workouts at least once. But once you have, never worry about being without an intense and rewarding workout session again.

The 21 Day Fix Workout Sheets are the solution you need. They are made with one sheet for the whole program, and usually have one extra column for overlapping programs to see where you were last time. Professionally developed with quality and practicality in mind.

Having trouble with the program itself? Want some motivation? Try one of my challenge groups. They’re free and start every month. You just need you, some Shakeology, and these 21 Day Fix Workout Sheets.

To download the sheets, just enter your information below.

If you are looking for the 21 Day Fix Extreme Workout Sheets, just click here.

21 Day Fix Extreme Worksheets


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