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21-Day Fix vs. 21-DayFix Extreme

They’re the same, but not the same.

The 21-Day Fix vs. 21-Day Fix extreme are both fitness programs from Beachbody. Both are designed a bit differently than most Beachbody programs. While most of the offerings from Beachbody do include menu plans and meal options, the 21-Day Fix is designed to work specifically with a new meal planning method. This method works and makes planning your calories so much easier.

Gone are the days of weighing, measuring and counting calories. Now is the time for 21 Day Fix portion containersportion control. A serious issue with many dieters is a lack of perspective when it comes to portion sizes. What does 3 ounces of chicken look like? What does a cup of pasta weigh?

Both the 21-Day Fix and the 21-Day Fix Extreme employ a portion control method that eliminates the need for all the old dieting shenanigans. Finally, a way to simplify eating to make it accessible to those on the go. The portion control method uses small portioning containers that can be filled ahead of time from various food groups and according to a simple food list. This portion control method makes both of these programs more accessible on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

The portion control is done using seven color-coded plastic food containers and a Shakeology bottle. In this way, the portion control system eliminates the excuse of complicated diets and calorie counters.

21-Day Fix vs. 21-Day Fix Extreme: The Differences

The differences are all in the workouts. The 21-Day Fix comes with 6 workouts. These workouts include the Pilates Fix, the Cardio Fix, the Total Body Cardio Fix, the Upper Body Fix, the Lower Body Fix, and the Yoga Fix. These are all the “standard” level workout. But don’t be fooled into thinking it will be easy. These are the routines that the creator, Autumn Calabrese, uses in her own real world workouts. If it’s good enough for a professional fitness competitor, you know it won’t be a cakewalk.

The original version is available only on DVD or Blu-ray. Once you have purchased it in physical format, the workouts will show up in your Beachbody OnDemand catalog.

The extreme version pumps up the difficulty with extreme level workouts. These workouts include Plyo Fix Extreme, Dirty 30 Extreme, Upper Body Fix Extreme, Lower Body Fix Extreme, Cardio Fix Extreme, Yoga Fix Extreme, and Pilates Fix Extreme. This extreme version is available on Beachbody OnDemand.

Use the Differences to Your Benefit

The portion control is there for both, it is really the level of intensity that you can handle and the level that you want which will determine your choice. Should you start with the standard or extreme version? The answer to the question of 21-Day Fix vs. 21-Day Fix Extreme may not be simple. If you are new to the fitness world, you will probably want to start with the regular version and use the extreme as a round two. However, even if you are already a fitness aficionado, you can start with the easier version and push yourself with doubles or add on additional workouts or a run. But why? To extend the time you work with the portion control system to turn a habit into a behavior.

Both systems are going to work you and work you hard. Where you start is up to you, but 21 Day calendar be honest about your physical activity level. Start where you feel comfortable and progress from there. And if there is one tip that goes for both the systems: Do Not Cheat. Meaning don’t hit the drive thru. Keep it clean for at least three weeks. If you’re new to health and fitness, keep in mind that it can take about 3 weeks to develop a habit.

Want to know more about 21-day fix vs. 21-day fix extreme? Contact me today.

If you already own one or both of these workouts and are looking to find a way to track your progress, please fill out the form below and download my FREE 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme worksheets!

21 Day Fix/21 Day Fix Extreme Worksheets

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