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How Yoga Can Help Nurses and You!

nurse doing yoga

How Yoga Can Help Nurses or Any Shift Worker

The obvious answer to how yoga can help nurses is exercise, but it’s far from the only one. Yoga offers mood stabilization for those long hours dealing with tiring patients. It balances mind and body while boosting and balancing energy levels throughout the day. It can help to regulate digestion, reduce blood pressure, and boost the immune system. By helping to tone and strengthen muscles while working on flexibility, it reduces the effects of aging, increases balance and mobility, and promotes better sleep.

nurse doing yoga

So, how yoga can help nurses isn’t just a cut and dry answer about exercise, it’s a complete body balancing act. It is great for anyone in high-stress environments or working swing shifts or shift work of any kind.

12+ hours on your feet working in a high-stress environment needs more than just a little off time to recuperate. Yoga answers the call. As a simple exercise, yoga promotes everything exercise may promise. Exercise helps the body recuperate from stress. The cardiovascular and anti-aging properties of exercise, and specifically yoga have been well documented. But after the workout is what matters. You’ll feel better, sleep deeper, and be better able to take on the next day.

The mental and emotional impacts of yoga have been utilized and realized for thousands of years. Because yoga is a full body exercise that combines flexibility, strength, and mental focus, it works wells as for meditation. The physical aspects of yoga’s benefits on the nervous, digestive, myofascial, and cardiovascular system translate into an improved mood, reduced stress, and better efficiency at work.

Yoga requires the practitioner to concentrate fully on the exercise, thus promoting a clear mind. This simple meditation technique works to relieve anxiety and mental stress from a long day at work. Gone are the worries about tomorrow or the tough patient or doctor. Instead, meditation helps to restore balance to the mind while the exercise restores balance to the body.

How much Yoga is enough, how much yoga is too much?

Yoga is one of the few exercises that you can do every day – though you may wish to vary the type. At a minimum, you should do yoga at least three times a week. How yoga can help nurses is through consistency. Doing yoga once a week is better than none at all, but to fully realize the benefits of any exercise program, you need to be consistent.

One of the best ways to be consistent is to workout in a group. If you can, hit a yoga class a couple times a week, or just get a buddy to do the routine with. If you’re still having trouble, try joining one of my challenge groups. There are occasionally yoga specific challenge groups – always free and always private for participants only.

Not sure how to learn yoga? Try Piyo, which is a combination of yoga and Pilates, or this beginner’s 3-week yoga retreat course. What have you got to lose, besides stress, high blood pressure, weight, sleeplessness, anger, anxiety, . . .

Find out more about Yoga and Challenge Groups.

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