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Nursing and Beachbody Coaching Are Better Together

Why Nursing and Beachbody Coaching Are Better Together

Nursing and Beachbody Coaching are better together for obvious reasons. Nursing is the art and career of caring for the sick. It takes many forms from hospice to pediatric to the emergency room and everything in between. Nurses are worked hard and do a hard job. Passion balances long hours and high stress that these caregivers bring to the world of health care.

Beachbody coaching is similar. A Beachbody coach helps the overweight, the stressed out, and the financially unstable find balance in life through health and financial stability. Beachbody coaches are passionate about bringing a healthy preventative measure to society and look for financial freedom at the same time.

Why Are They Better Together?

But they work better together. A Nurse can turn passion and expertise about healthcare into preventative healthcare. A Beachbody coach guides those ready for a healthy change down the road of preventative recovery. Nurses see the result; they see what happens at the end of obesity and malnutrition. Physical neglect confronts them daily. Nurses are better equipped to help prevent clients and patients from walking down that path in the first place – just like a Beachbody Coach.

A Beachbody Coach and a Nurse simply work on opposite ends of the health timeline and everywhere in between. The overlap is obvious. But they are better together. A nurse who is also a Beachbody Coach can work with clients all along the spectrum, bringing the passion from coaching to nursing and nursing to coaching. The knowledge of what works to cure a problem and prevent the same problem arms the nurse and coach with all the information necessary to promote prevention over cure, and cure when prevention wasn’t enough.

As a coach, there is no clock to punch, and you can overlap it with nursing. A Beachbody Coach is trained to help others. A Nurse has the practical understanding of the workings of the body and a familiarity of the result of obesity. Put these skills and knowledge together and you end up with an unstoppable force. Nursing and Beachbody Coaching are better together because they are so similar in function.

Are you ready to be an unstoppable force? Find out more about becoming a Beachbody Coach. Or just fill out the form below.

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