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Top 10 Negative Health Risks Of Working Night Shift

Do you work night shifts? Are you wondering if you should work night shifts? Are you currently working night shifts and are starting to wonder why you just don’t feel well? Are you gaining weight? Maybe you’re just thinking about getting into the nursing profession and are looking at all of your options before you commit? Well, for most nurses just starting out fresh out of school as a new grad, chances are you are going to have to start working night shifts. It is not the most glamorous shift and there are some nurses that simply can’t physically or mentally work nights. Check out the video below for the top 10 negative health risks of working night shift.


I hope this video helped you identify the top ten negative health risks of working night shift and can at least give you an idea of the effects night shifts have on our bodies. I’m not trying to discourage you from becoming a nurse or working nights, but just give you the information that is out there and by my experience. There are a lot of options for you to adapt to nights and adjust as well as you can. Stay tuned as I will cover that in another blog post.

Here is the list once again:


  1. Increased risk for developing diabetes
  2. Increased obesity risk. 54% of nurses are obese.
  3. Increased risk of breast cancer
  4. Low leptin levels d/t less sleep which helps regulate weight by normalizing your sugar and insulin levels.
  5. Increased risk of MI’s, stroke, hypertension
  6. Increased risk of workplace injury
  7. Increased risk of depression
  8. Moodiness
  9. GI issues like peptic ulcers and GERD
  10. Cancer


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