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5 Killer Nutrition Tips For Nurses Working Night Shift

There is no doubt that night shifts are tough on nurses both physically and mentally. Luckily there are ways to make your night shifts survivable. One of these ways is to focus on your nutrition. What you put in your mouth is so important in general, but even more important while you are working night shifts. Wrong food choices can make you more tired during your shift and lead to much worse things over time, like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. With over 20+ years of nursing experience working night shifts I have put together a few tips to help my fellow nurses. Watch the video below to check out my  Top 5 Killer Nutrition Tips For Nurses Working Night Shift.


I hope this video helped give you a few new ideas on how to prepare for your next night shift and hopefully not struggle with what you should be eating. You will be surprised on how much better you can feel with some better nutrition and hydration before, during, and after your shift. Once again here are my 5 Top Killer Nutrition Tips For Nurses Working Night Shift:

  1. Pack your lunch!! Packing a healthy lighter meal for night shift will keep you out of the cafeteria and force you to make healthy choices.
  2. Say no to high sugar foods and beverages. Read labels and look for sugar added to your food…it’s everywhere. Drop the doughnut and energy drink and grab some fruit, veggies, or water instead.
  3. Focus on eating fewer carbohydrates and more protein. Carbs will make you more sleepy so stay away from rice, potatoes, cereal, bread. Instead try to eat more protein-dense foods like eggs, tuna, peanut butter, almonds, turkey, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, or string cheese. I always had a nutrient dense shake that was all natural and not high in sugar, but high in protein.
  4. Stop Grazing! Keep walking by all of those snacks that your coworkers or family brings into work. Try to focus on your 3 sensible meals and 2 snacks a day and not grazing through your shift.
  5. Limit Caffeine. Try not to drink caffeinated beverages including coffee all shift or especially within the last few hours.


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