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How To Keep Your Kids Active And Happy

If you are struggling to keep your kids active in today’s world, you are not alone! With all of the instant stimulation at their fingertips it’s hard to get them to put their devices down and move. Our kids are definitely more sedentary than we were growing up and now 1 out of 3 kids are considered overweight or obese. What can we do as parents? Is it our fault?Check out the video below as I explain how to keep your kids active and happy.




If you are a parent like me I’m sure you can relate to some of the common issues with trying to keep our kids active today. It’s an ongoing battle, but is is so important for our kids future that we continue to try to promote healthier choices for our families and others around us. Here is that list of suggestions one more time with some bonus ideas too!

  1.  Be active yourself! Is we are living a sedentary lifestyle and can’t keep up with our kids they will think that is ok for them and for their kids. We need to be excellent role models for our kids and always remember they are always watching us.
  2. Encourage activities that they enjoy, not just because you enjoy them. As parents we can not be selfish and “force” our kids into sports or activities they don’t enjoy just because we do. They won’t stick with it or try to improve in something they don’t enjoy.
  3. Plan family activities everyone can enjoy like hiking, biking, family obstacle courses, or even enter in a local race.
  4. Don’t call it a workout. Don’t do this. Trust me they will run away when you use the word workout!
  5. Limit device time! There are apps available like Disney Circle that give you the ability to limit times they can use devices or amout of total time per day.
  6. Praise them often when they are doing something active. Kids love to hear that and it encourages them to continue doing their best.
  7. Encourage play dates with friends. (device free!!)
  8. Encourage your kids to try new things. If they are not into certain sports, try explaining and demonstrating exactly what that sport is like so they have a better understanding of how to actually play the sport.

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