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How To Recognize And Deal With Nursing Burnout

burned out nurse


As nurses we all study hard in school, graduate, suffer through taking boards, and finally become nurses ready to save every one of our patients. The energy is there, the dedication, and the desire to help everyone. Then reality sets in and you start to realize the reality of being a nurse. You may dread going to work, feel exhausted all the time, or might be short-tempered with family, friends, or even your patients. You’re getting burned out. Check out the video below to find out how to recognize and deal with nursing burnout.




I hope this video showed you how to recognize and deal with nursing burnout. If you have been a nurse even for one day you can definitely notice how some nurses/coworkers are burned out by the way they look or act at work. It’s not as easy sometimes to notice if it is happening to you. Here is the list of signs of nursing burnout and what you can do about it.


  1. Find something to do outside of work.

       If you are burned out at work it helps to look forward to something you enjoy outside           of work to get you through your day and keep you focused. It will help you get your                work done on time and make you a more diverse person by trying new things.


  1.   Reach out for help.

        There are a lot of resources you can use at work, but just talking to cowworkers or                 nurse managers, family or friends can help give you some ideas on what you  can do to         make you want to go to work again.


  1. Stop working so much

Most nurses are not hired at a full time status for a reason, but most work crazy shifts          and overtime. The more you work the more stressed, tired, and prone to iInjury and            mistakes.

4. Why are you stressed at work?

Is it the job? Your coworkers? Your manager? The hours? If you don’t know what the           problem is you can’t fix it and it will only continue or get worse.

  1. Make you #1

We as nurses/parents/caregivers tend to give too much. We spend our lives in And out       of the hospital caring for others and tend to forget about ourselves. Obesity rates in               nursing are climbing, a lot due to stress, shift work, lack ofBreaks, and nurses simply           putting their health last rather than first.

  1. Change jobs or careers

      Life is too short to continue showing up to a job you hate that is making you Unhealthy,       stressed, and difficult to be around. There are a lot of opportunities within the nursing         profession and as a nurse you deserve to be happy.

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