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I’m Gaining Weight And Working Out! What Now?

Most of us have started some workout routine and want to see results right now. Like right now! Right? And then it happens. The scale numbers not only don’t go down, but they go up! Really? I’ve worked my ass off for a week, eating the right food, and now I’m gaining weight? Does this sound like you? I know it’s discouraging. Some either quit or never get started because they have heard of people gaining weight. Check out the video below and I can help give you some ideas on what to do when you say, I’m gaining weight and working out! What now?


I hope this video helped you get some ideas on what you can do about gaining weight while working out.  I know it can be frustrating, but please don’t let it be an excuse to not get those results you are looking for!!

What Should You Do About It?

  1. Stop weighing yourself! – You are so much more than just that number on the scale and you should be basing your achievements towards your goal on non-scale victories like having more energy, clothes fitting better, and having more self-confidence.
  2. Reevaluate your goals – Don’t put a number on your goals. Ask yourself how you want to feel by getting healthier. You are way more than just a number.
  3. Nutrition – Are you really dialed in with your nutrition? Only you know if you are cheating here or there. Right? If you need help with your nutrition click the link below for a FREE VIP Health Assessment.

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