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Is A 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge For Me?

You’re here so maybe you need some help with your nutrition? Maybe you need some help with your fitness? Maybe both? Keep reading because this will definitely help you get started to a new and healthier you! You can commit to anything for 7 days, right? I’m glad you’re here so please keep reading for more information about my free 7 day clean eating challenge! Let’s get started!

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What’s included?

I would like to invite you to a totally FREE 7-day clean eating challenge that will include a clean eating menu and workouts for 7 days! FREE? Yes, it’s free, well not entirely, you do have to buy the food, REAL FOOD, but you were going to be eating during those 7 days anyway, right?

How Do The Groups Work?

I’m going to run this as a closed Facebook Group, so your posts/progress/complaints/pictures/rave reviews, etc. will all be private within the group. Everyone is going to be starting at different levels so I am going to offer different options so everyone can participate at their current fitness comfort levels so they will be challenged, but not overwhelmed if you are just starting your journey to being a healthier you.

Are You Ready?

This is a 7-day commitment and you will be surprised on how much better you will feel in such a short period of time by just eating healthier and getting a little exercise. Let’s get you started on your journey with starting with this 7 day Challenge. Are you ready to get started? Please fill out the form below and I will send you more information for you to register and sign up for your preferred option and we can get you started in my next group that starts on June 13th with a 3-day prep starting on June 10th.



Here are a few reviews from previous challengers.

"Feeling so good doing clean eating. 8 lbs down in 3 weeks. On the 21 day fix on 4th day. I’m feeling great. Awake. And doing this all naturally. Thanks, Jason Rozinka.
I may not see the changes in my body yet but I feel good and that’s the point"

~ Kali Iverson-Storlie

"Jason…thank you for doing this challenge and opening it up for us first timers! I’ll tell you that the biggest change I am benefitting from is simply feeling better all day because of your breakfast ideas. I was a “toast-on-the-go” girl and it just was not cutting it. I am feeling so much better – and FULLER LONGER – eating the high protein / vegetable breakfasts and feeling better right off the bat at 4am makes a great springboard for the rest of the day and actually made it easier to make better choices all day! I honestly did not follow the exercise portion as much as I would have liked to, but I did UP MY STEPS (FitBit) during work in the morning because I felt so much better. I am going to work on keeping that habit – along with avoiding the more processed foods and lessening my cheese consumption! smile emoticon I did not weigh myself before I started as I gave up on the NUMBERS a long time ago…but I feel better and just this morning, a guy at work asked if I’d lost weight…. THAT WAS ENOUGH FOR ME!!!!!! SO THANK YOU! I will continue, for now, on my own…as I need to pick up the physical fitness portion of this better – I WILL work on that. Wait… I WILL DO IT. Thanks for the awesome KICK START!! And for the others involved…your encouragement, ideas, and posts were helpful and inspiring, too! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!"

~ Tess Chase


7 Day Clean Eating Challenge with ROZINKA FITNESS

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