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First of all….Congrats!!!!  

You are taking the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle, and I am here to help you achieve your goals.  I take your success with this program very seriously so please let me know what your goals are, and I will make sure we work together to surpass them!  You can save this link in your browser so you can refer back to it whenever you need.


Calculate your calorie 21-day-fix-container-calculation-charttarget by following the steps at the bottom of the image to the right so you know how many containers that you will need with the 21 day fix program.  Then try to map out a meal plan to utilize all of the required containers with five meals a day if possible (breakfast, am snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner) so you can use the weekends to prep all of your meals for the week.  If you are a vegan or vegetarian please click here to follow your nutrition plan because your container amounts will be different.

Click here for a little cheat sheet so you know what sizes each of the portion containers are until yours arrive in the mail within 5-7 days from the time you placed your order.  You can use measuring cups for now to portion correctly based on the cheat sheet I provided.  You can also find out what individual foods are included in each container by clicking here to visit my Pinterest account.

This Challenge Group Contains:

  • 21 DAY FIX
  • 21 Day Fix nutrition plan
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme Plan
  • 21 Day Fix Food list
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme Food List
  • 21 Day Fix Calendar
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme Calendar
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21DayFix-simpleEating-products_qusemoPlease review the nutrition plans, food lists, and workout calendars that you should receive in the mail within 5-7 days.  I recommend printing out the food list and workout calendar depending which program you chose.  Keep in mind that the healthiest options are always at the top of the food lists. Click below based on whether If you have the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme plans:

21 Day Fix Nutrition Plan              21 Day Fix Extreme Plan 

21 Day Fix Food list                        21 Day Fix Extreme Food List

21 Day Fix Vegan Nutrition Plan

21 Day Fix Calendar                     21 Day Fix Extreme Calendar

These all can also be accessed online through your Team Beachbody account as well, and you will also be able to access your workouts through your account online or through your phone as well until your program arrives in the mail.  You access all the programs for free for 30 days by going to www.club.teambeachbody.com and clicking sign in at the top of the page.  *Note it will take 24 hours for them to process your order*, so you will be able to access the programs within 24 hours.  You can also download the Beachbody On Demand App so you can stream the workouts from your phone, Ipad, Apple TV, Chromecast, or Roku if you want if you have not received your products in the mail.



It is SO IMPORTANT to take your BEFORE PHOTOS and MEASUREMENTS because after a week or two it is normal to plateau as part of the process of retaining water, and building muscle mass to burn the excess body fat. I have had many clients that were embarrassed to take their before pictures, but after they had an incredible transformation and they wished they had taken pictures to compare. The photos and measurements help capture your changes and give you a powerful story to tell if you decide you want to join my Beachbody team and start paying for your own Shakeology in the future by simply sharing your story and helping others do the same. You also have the opportunity to win a minimum of $500 when you enter your results into the Beachbody challenge after finishing the program. You will also receive a free T-shirt after submitting your results. I recommend taking your before and after pictures in the same bathing suit and in the same spot. It is preferable to take them in front of a solid colored background and take at least front, side, and back profile pictures. Then save them to your computer or Beachbody account for your own reference.


How To Take Your Before & After Photos


How To Take Your Measurements:

You can record your measurements on this sheet provided here, or else you can download the 21 day fix app on your phone and record them with your app.


410Dz-zymOL._SL250_Another great way to measure your transformation is to calculate your body fat percentage and muscle percentage and add them both to your measurement sheet when you print it out. You can calculate them both with this scale to the right from Amazon. Of course, it is not required to purchase the scale, but for $45 I highly recommend the investment! Click on the scale image below if you want to utilize it like I do.






What other equipment do I need for the 21 Day Fix ?

51-DfIKs1BL._SL250_The only other equipment that you will need is a resistance band and some lighter dumbells. For women, you might want 5 and 10-pound dumbells, and for men 10, 12, and maybe 15-pound dumbells.  As time goes on and you start doing other Beachbody programs I would recommend a lifetime investment in these adjustable Select Tech 552 Dumbells below that adjust from 5 to 52.5 pounds or if you need even more weight these go
up to 90 pounds:  Select Tech 1090 Dumbells












  • 41B0sSfI7nL._SL250_Some Miscellaneous tips:   If you like rice or quinoa then purchase a rice cooker.  I recommend cooking the rice when you start your food prep by adding some seasonings (fresh garlic, pepper, minced onion, oregano, sea salt) and mix them all together.  Use the measuring cup that comes with the rice maker so you know the amount of water you need.  Of course, brown rice is much better for you, but it also takes twice as long to make, so plan accordingly.  If you like quinoa like I do you can also use the rice cooker and cook it like you would cook white rice.  You don’t even need any seasonings, and it is delicious!!







  • 31uefBO83LL._SL250_Use a pressure cooker to cook your poultry if you have one because it SPEEDS up the cooking time!







  • IMG_7341Boil a bunch of eggs for the whole week, and peel them when you are ready to eat—mark a little black “X” or dot so you know which ones are hard boiled.







  • IMG_7352 (1)If you use a lot of onion when cooking blend it all up in a mixer and then freeze the onion in small little 3 ounce containers.













  • mealprepphotoTake two hours on the weekend to prep all of your protein for the whole week, and portion everything out so all you have to do is “heat and eat” during the week.







  • veggies picture sam's clubBuy all natural frozen veggies without preservatives or additives because they are quick and easy to heat up









  • IMG_7353 (1)If you buy a bunch of bananas like I do, and they go bad…put them in a zip lock bag or Tupperware, like shown to the right, and freeze them.  Then use them for your shakeology smoothies.







  • sam's club card imageIf you have a Sam’s Club membership I HIGHLY recommend ordering online, and this is my typical grocery list from there.  They have some excellent organic options, and you will save money throughout the year.  You can order the day before and then pick it up in the store the following day.  They will have your order ready and you will be out the door within 10 minutes!  Soon they will even have “curb side pickup!”  HUGE TIME SAVER and it eliminates impulse purchases!


I am SO eager that you are excited to make a change, and I look forward to working with you on your transformation!!

Here is a link to some excellent healthy recipes from my website and you can click on the 21 day fix category as well.  This is also a link to some excellent shakeology recipes!

Thanks for joining me on this journey, and please help me spread the word about these life changing products to help others chase their dreams while living a healthy lifestyle!! Let’s work together so you can become the next testimonial on the bottom of this support group page!!


Chase-banner-1240x700COACH RYAN

P.S.  Please click here if you came across this page and want to join my next online fitness support group!  It would be my pleasure to help you surpass your goals!!




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