Are you a nurse who wants to get into shape or better shape? I’ve done it as an over 40-year-old ICU nurse of 18 years and I can show you what worked for me. I’ll guide you through the steps to a healthier and happier you. Health and happiness are possible even with our schedules. Nursing is one of the unhealthiest professions in the United States with long hours, shift work raising blood pressure, and one of the highest obesity rates in U.S. professions.

It’s time to make a change.

We all want to be healthier, stronger, faster, lose fat and gain muscle. But do you want it bad enough that you’re willing to make it one of the top priorities in your life? I won’t sugar coat this, to get in shape and stay there, you need to work for it, and work hard.

But you get to put your passion for helping and healing others to work for yourself and those around you. The system I followed helped me get back in shape while helping others around me by seeing the results I got! It’s infectious! (a little nursing humor!)

Don’t wait until you’re in the same beds as the patients you treat!

My Story

 Jason RozinkaThough I was active and fit as a young man, I later became sedentary and fell into unhealthy habits, including smoking. After starting my nursing career, I convinced myself I had no time to exercise. I was unhealthy.

My life changed when I saw an ad for Insanity, the insane sports cardio workout program. I made my health and happiness a priority. I want my children to see and do as I do, so I had to be the example.

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