Portman Hockey Flooding 101


1. Ice must be COMPLETELY CLEAN prior to flooding on all rinks by using either the Bobcat with the brush or         the Zamboni. Brush and shovel around the edges or the boards which is critical because an ice ridge will         form around the edge of the boards.


2. Either the two black hoses located in the warming shack or the 1 fires hose locate in the warming shack

    can be used to flood. Whatever hose is used they NEED to be returned to their assigned storage area at the     end of the shift.


3. Flood the rink using light EVEN coats.  Even if it’s cold a ton of water doesn’t make “good” ice.

  • Do NOT spray water directly on the boards!!! It is better to stop a few feet short and let the water run to the boards.

  • As temperature permits move from rink to rink laying down at least two coats.

  • If rinks are not setting up or need if you need to take a break, NEVER turn the hose off!!! Always keep the nozzle open to a trickle and spray in the snow banks.

  • Always make sure when walking up to the upper rink not to spray the walkway.


4. When you are done flooding.

  • If you are using the fire hose “walk” water out of the hose and place in it’s designated area

  • Black hoses must be reeled in and rack moved to it’s designated area.


5. Clean Up

  • Make sure all garbage is cleaned up

  • All equipment, shovels, brushes, need to be put away.

  • All nets need to be locked.

  • Turn all lights off and breaker switches marked with a white marker on the fuse box


6. Please! Please! Please! If you break anything please let me know or your crew leader. It happens. No big              deal and we want to fix it ASAP.