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REAL women. REAL results.

In just 60 days. Really.

What is Brazil Butt Lift®?

• The only booty-transformation system that targets your butt from every angle to help lift, shape, and firm your booty into bikini-ready shape in 60 days.

• A comprehensive workout program that also helps you tone your body from the bottom up, and all over.

How does Brazil Butt Lift work?

• It’s all about the angles. When you work the butt muscles from multiple angles, you’re not only working those specific muscles—you’re also working the “heads” of the muscles, the parts that attach to the pelvic bone (which provides support between the upper and lower parts of your body) and your hamstrings. This is what gives you the lift and shape that every woman wants.

• Supermodels go to Leandro because his TriAngle Training method and signature moves help reduce the hips, slim the thighs, and lift the butt—without bulking up the thighs. That’s why Leandro is known as the Brazilian Butt Master. TriAngle Training works the three major muscles of the buttocks—the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus—working them from countless angles to help lift, firm, and shape the perfect behind, without adding bulk to the thighs.

Who can benefit from Brazil Butt Lift?

• People who want to tighten and tone their butts, plus burn fat and slim down all over

• Women who want to look great in a bikini

Your tips for success

• Follow the calendar for best results. If you’re short on time and can’t fit in the scheduled workout, try Bum Bum Rapido, Leandro’s 10-minute version of his signature Bum Bum workout.

• Check out the Maximum Results System. It includes all the tools you need to get a lifted, round booty even

• To jump-start your results, begin your 60-day transformation with the 6-Day Supermodel Slimdown. Lose up to 6 pounds and 6 inches in 6 days!

• Watch the “Basics” workout to learn how to do the moves with proper form. As Leandro says, “The more definition in your moves, the more definition on your body.”

What’s included in Brazil Butt Lift?

• 5 booty-blasting workouts on 3 DVDs

• Booty Makeover Guide to introduce the program and show you which workouts to do each day

• Tools to track your results

• Plus 3 FREE bonus gifts: “Bum Bum Rapido” workout, 6-Day Supermodel Slimdown Plan, and yellow Strength Band*

• FREE online support available 24/7

What tools are available to challenge advanced users?

• Move up to the Maximum Results System and get 3 advanced workouts on 2 DVDs, plus ankle weights, a medium-resistance strength band, and a bonus heavyweight-resistance band.*

• Lift and sculpt your butt even faster with 5-lb. adjustable ankle weights, available separately.

Who is Leandro Carvalho?

• Trains some of the world’s top lingerie models

• Leads sold-out classes at hot NYC gyms

• Multi-certified expert in fitness and former ballet dancer

Are there any bonus workouts?

• Bum Bum Rapido. Do this 10-minute express version of Leandro’s signature “Bum Bum” workout when you’re short on time.

*Strength Bands contain natural rubber latex which may cause severe allergic reactions.


Brazil Butt Lift

Brazil Butt Lift 2

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