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Let's Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever!

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How many times have you said that today is the day? Really? How many times?
To workout, to eat better, to stay on track?
Are you tired of starting over? Starting is hard, but if you continue, the sky is the limit!

When you join my VIP 365 Program, you will get all of the help you need to reach your goals. If you don't you are not happy and I'm really not happy! Accountability and support all while working out in the comfort of your own home. Let's make 2018 a year full of kickassery! (that's a real word!)
This exclusive package is guaranteed to work and I am so excited to help you start 2018 right and leave 2017 behind!

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This is what Lindze had to say, “Accountability is key! The groups have a tremendous amount of support to help you through not only the strong days but the weak days too. We all become close a lot of us become friends, a lot of us share common struggles and triumphs with our health and fitness journeys! ”



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Wow!! This is what some hard work and dedication can do for you! Ana-Marija Vujkovic really did well in our monthly accountability groups and it shows. This was a year ago and Ana continues to show up every day helping not only for her own accountability but by helping others do the same leading by example. Ana still shows up even when she goes on here yearly trip to visit family and friends in Croatia!! Great job Ana!





Why This Program Is Different!

I know you are busy and barely have time to make breakfast in the morning and forget having time to drive to the gym and workout. I was there and I know because I chose to sleep in and say, “I will start tomorrow!” As you might have guessed, it never happened! If this sounds like you, keep reading!

My VIP program features in home workouts, which means fewer excuses.  There is no more fighting with other people over the equipment or dealing with sweaty equipment, waiting in lines, or obnoxious grunting!  No more looking at the equipment and wondering “what do you do with that?”.  There is no staring at gym clothes wondering what you should wear in case you see someone you know.

I didn’t know what to do in a gym or what workouts I should do to achieve my goals, but with world class trainers at your fingertips you can be assured you will be getting the most effective workout possible  That means results!

Save time! I can be completely finished with my workout by the time I would drive to and home from the nearest gym.  On those cold Minnesota winter mornings I’m a lot more motivated to walk to the basement then to get into a cold car and drive to the gym. It also gives me more time to get the kids going in the morning to get ready for school.

Accountability!  With daily accountability and coaching geared to your needs, you can be assured I will be making sure you are sticking to it to reach YOUR goals.  My VIP program includes goal setting and weekly or monthly calls to see where you are and how you are feeling about your progress.

Easy Nutrition!  Color-coded containers with a complete guide make nutrition a breeze!  Let’s face it, as much as we don’t want to believe it, health and fitness is all about nutrition.  What you fuel your body with makes a huge difference!

With 35 + programs to choose from, we will be sure to find one to fit you and your goals.

  Basic VIP:Basic VIP:Elite
Step by Step Fitness Plan
My Coaching and Accountablility
Customizable Meal Plan
In-Home Training
Nutrient Dense Superfood Supplement
Monthly Goal Assessment and Planning Calls
24/7 Streaming Access to ALL PROGRAMS
Weekly Check-In Calls
25% Discount on All Future Orders
24/7 Training to Learn How to Help Others Reach Their Goals
Ability to Earn Extra Income While Getting Fit and Helping Others
  Initial Price Varies Initial Price $160 Initial Price $160

Basic Program is 30- 90 Days depending on Program selected

VIP Program is 1 Year

Ultimate Program is Lifetime

And you can now get ALL of the workouts, on all of your devices!

Now you can do your workout anytime, anywhere – at home or on the go with On Demand digital streaming! Stream to your phone, iPad, laptop, PC, or smart TV.

  • Access your favorite workouts through Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast.
  • Access to the online SuperGym, where you can schedule and log your workouts and easily track your progress.
  • New fitness content is added each month, so you can continue getting amazing results and never get bored!
  • Healthy delicious recipes are only a click away with our ever changing line-up found in our exclusive cooking show!

Join My VIP 365 Program

2016 is over! Let’s make 2017 the best year ever!

I am a husband, a father of 3 kids age 7, 11, and 14, and an R.N. These programs are geared for busy lifestyles like mine and yours and take that “I don’t have TIME” phrase out of your vocabulary! I will help you make this the year that you will set your health and fitness goals and achieve them! I will help you with your nutrition, meal prepping, workouts, and nutrition guides which will help you achieve your goals and beyond!

Are you ready? I sure am!!!

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What Actual Clients Have To Say!



""I always enjoy your groups Jason Rozinka, fun, informative and motivating! I feel lost the past couple days lol! Someday I hope to be coaching bc of your drive and dedication so thank you!!""

~ Jill

""I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned and changed since I started with you in winter warriors and now with ground Hoggers! The scale was 8 pounds less this morning than when I started six weeks ago! I love the accountability and support from these groups. Thank you all for your inspiration""

~ Janet

""Good afternoon, Revolutioners!! I feel inspired to share some of the beneficial “side effects” that I have obtained since starting this nutrition/fitness program with you guys.

1. My skin is clearer and smoother.
2. My blood sugar spikes are GONE.
3. I have become empowered to take a stand in other areas of my life that need reconstruction. I mean, seriously, if I can completely stop eating Cheezits and chocolate, then I can stop other bad habits that nurture my weaknesses.
4. I’ve made progress in breaking out of my comfort-zone.
5. My body simply feels more….calm…in all of its functions.
Feel free to add anything else that you have experienced during our journey to wellness"

~ Gina