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How Do Night Nurses Sleep: 5 Killer Tips

One of the biggest issues nurses have with working nights is sleeping. Some function just fine and others simply can’t function at all. I’ve seen nurses that look like zombies wrapped in blankets crying because they just couldn’t do it anymore. While that might be extreme after over 20 years of working nights I would like to help you out and explain How Do Night Nurses Sleep: 5 Killer Tips. Check out the video below.


Thanks for checking out the video and I hope you got some good nuggets of information that you can apply the next time you work the night shift. Don’t get frustrated and make sure to stick to your plan. Here are my 5 Killer Tips again and a few bonus tips too!

  1. You need to make it a priority! There are not only health consequences for not getting enough sleep, but there is also patient safety too. It’s much easier to make mistakes when you are tired that could harm the patient or even you with a needle stick or back injury.
  2. When you do go to sleep after your shift keep your room dark like it would be at night. Shut curtains/shades or even buy blackout shades to really keep the light out. A black out mask is a good option too if you don’t mind wearing one when you sleep.
  3. Try to eliminate noise. It’s really hard I know sometimes when there is a lot of outdoor noise like lawnmowers, garbage trucks, doorbells, phones ringing, and kids playing. Make sure windows and doors are closed. Try wearing ear plugs if you can tolerate them. Try adding some white noise by running a fan or by adding a white noise app on your phone.
  4. Keep to a schedule. Try going to bed at the same time during your stretch of nights to try to get into a routine. I know it’s tougher when the weather is beautiful, but if you were working days you would be missing it too. Focus on your sleep time, not the weather.
  5. Make sure to turn off the TV and your phone! We have a lot of screen time and that extra light before bed tricks the brain which decreases your hormone production of melatonin. You need that melatonin production to give you good quality sleep which is already decreased while working nights.


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