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Most Common and Ridiculous Male Nurse Stereotypes

picture of male nurse

If you are a nurse, male or female, you have heard plenty of male nurse stereotypes. With numbers of male nurses on the rise, they are still the minority with only about 9% of all nurses being men. Men have come a long way as nurses and with the diversity in the profession, there are many opportunities within the nursing field that have helped the number of men in nursing continue to climb. Men are still the minority and have to overcome some ridicule, jokes, and questions on why they chose the profession. Long and short is we chose the profession for the same reason women choose to be nurses, the desire to really help people at their absolute worst time and make them feel better.Check out the video below as I share the most common and ridiculous male nurse stereotypes.


I hope this video really explained how there still is stereotyping out there for men in nursing. Although times are changing and there seems to be less stereotyping and discrimination for men in nursing, unfortunately as in any profession, it will never go away. Here are those common stereotypes listed again.


  1. Are you the doctor?
  2. Are you gay?
  3. You must have failed out of med school.
  4. You’re a male nurse just so you can be around more women.
  5. You chose to be a nurse because it was easy.


Here are a few examples of discrimination for men in nursing too.

  1. Patients refuse to have a male nurse.
  2. Male nurses are asked to do more heavy lifting of patients compared to their female coworkers.
  3. Less respect from M.D’s for being a male nurse rather than going to med school.

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