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Most Common and Ridiculous Male Nurse Stereotypes: How To React

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There are stereotypes and discrimination in every profession from bankers to lawyers to fast food workers. It’s unfortunately everywhere and something we all have to deal with. In nursing, over 90% of the workforce are women and men in nursing have their own stereotypes to deal with and face discrimination for choosing a profession that is dominated by women. But what should we do about it? How should we as male nurses react to stereotypes and discrimination? Get defensive? Ignore it? Laugh about it? Check out the video below and hopefully, it will help you with the most common and ridiculous male nurse stereotypes: how to react.


Hopefully, this video helped maybe identify some situations that really are stereotypical of men in nursing and maybe some ways that you have been discriminated against or maybe discriminated towards a male nurse coworker or friend. Here is the list of ways you can react to comments about your choice to become a male nurse.


  1. Try to explain what exactly you do as a nurse.
  • Many spouses don’t even know what we do as nurses on a day by day basis.
  • I’ve had a lot of patients very appreciative of my care and they readily admit they had no idea how much nurses are responsible for in their care at the bedside.
  1.  Ask them, “Why not?” or “Why do you think women are better nurses than men?”
  • Women are breaking their stereotypes and becoming MD’s, pilots, CEO’s, and in the armed forces which are really opening the opportunities for so many to follow the career path they want, not the ones they are allowed to follow.
  • Point out the fact that men can be caring and compassionate husbands and fathers, why not nurses?
  1.  Gauge how serious the situation is.
  • Does it affect the ability to do your job?
  • Is it affecting you outside of work?
  • Does it affect patient care?
  • Try talking to the person that is discriminating against you.
  • If the talking to the person doesn’t work, consult your Nurse Manager or Human Resources
  1.  Be aware of where the person is coming from?
  • Are they acting because of religious reasons or ethnic reasons?
  • Be respectful of their objections or discrimination if it is a religious or ethnic belief.
  1.  Stay focused on your job and do it well.
  • Discrimination stems from others inadequacies.
  • More often that not you will notice behavior like this from subpar nurses or people with low self-esteem that are trying to make themselves feel better at your expense.
  1.  Remember why you chose the profession in the first place and remind yourself every  day through the good and the bad. Trust me you will have plenty of both!

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