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Top Reasons For Weight Gain When Working Out

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Are you thinking of starting a new workout program, but have heard that others gain weight rather than lose weight? Maybe you’ve tried before and got frustrated with those numbers on the scale when you were just starting. These are not reasons to quit or even worse, never get started! There are many reasons that we gain weight when starting any type of new workout program or physical activity that is new to you. Check out the video below as I explain the top reasons for weight gain when working out.




I hope this video help explain some of the reasons that you could possibly gain some weight when starting any type of new workout or physical activity. Our bodies are amazing machines and react to what we do to our bodies in certain ways. Some we don’t think as favorable, like weight gain, but understanding why our bodies react that way will hopefully help you not quit or not start something new at all. Here are those top reasons for weight gain when working out again.

Top Reasons For Weight Gain When Working Out

  1.  Inflammation – This is one of the top reasons for weight gain early in a new workout program. Those little micro tears in your muscles cause the soreness and in turn, make you stronger. It’s your bodies natural response to heal those muscles.
  2. Stress- If you go from the couch to running a marathon it’s simply too much for you body to handle! Take it slow and work your way up to that marathon (or 5k).
  3. Muscle Gain – Now this is unlikely the cause of your weight gain in the earlier phases. The general rule of thumb is about 2 lbs/month of muscle gain.
  4. Nutrition- I’m sure you have heard, “You can’t out work bad nutrition!” This is so true and for those of you that think you can work out a little more and cheat on your nutrition, unfortunately, you can’t!


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