Lesson #3: Make a Schedule

Lesson #3: Make a Schedule


We all want to be more organized in our lives and as family life gets more complex the importance of making out a schedule is a must. It might take a more time to organize and set up, but in the long run it will save you time. Check out the video below and I will give you a few of my tips that help me and my family stay organized.


I hope the video helped you think a bit more about making a schedule and actually using it. I know I’ve tried a few and failed, but the key is to involve the whole family. Trust me, I’ve been asked multiple times if I was listening and now it’s all on the calendar. No excuses! So remember to:

  1. Try using a chalkboard or bulletin board in your kitchen or highest traffic area so the whole family can see the daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
  2. Encourage the whole family to be on board and add to the schedule.
  3. Try to color code with colored chalk or markers for each family member to make it easier to identify who has what going on by color.
  4. GOOGLE IT!!!!

For your assignment today I would like you to download and setup Google Calendar. Here is the quick Youtube video that will explain how to setup and use Google Calendar.