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Eating and Bulk Buying

Healthy eating is a goal for many of us, but sometimes buying groceries that are fresh and organic also seems expensive, can burst our budget, or are not available.  Trips to the grocery store can add unwarranted stress in our lives. Doing meal planning ahead of time can help alleviate some of that stress, and by planning things, you can buy in bulk.

Finding the food that you can purchase in bulk not only helps your family’s budget but will also keep you invested in your nutrition plan longer. While some of your nutrition should come from fresh foods, often not available in large quantities, many of your other food choices can be stored in the pantry or freezer.

Here are some foods to be on the lookout for on your next trip or order from a store. Checking to see if a bulk purchase is possible could benefit your health, fitness plan, and wallet.

Chicken Breast

At your local supermarket, you can find healthy chicken breast in a couple of different areas. In the frozen food section, you can find bags of protein-packed chicken breast that will stay in the freezer at home. Pull them out to cook when you are ready. You can also purchase fresh packages of chicken breast that you can separate at home and place in freezer bags.

Using a food saver device can lengthen the amount of time the chicken will keep in the freezer. Often stores will offer sales or specials, so be aware and find those opportunities to buy a few extra packages of chicken breast can go a long way in helping your budget.

Dry Beans

Beans are an excellent source of protein. Dry or Dried beans are inexpensive and easily kept for long periods in the pantry. These beans are versatile and are useful in a variety of recipes for everyone. People who eat on a plant-based, vegan, or vegetarian plan use beans. They are a good source of fiber. When you are packing on muscle and bulking up, they are helpful. Remember to buy your beans in bulk to have them around when you need them.

Canned or Frozen Vegetables

Vegetables are a must-have for just about any eating plan, and while using fresh produce for recipes might be what we usually did, remember that using frozen or canned vegetables is possible and can help lower our shopping costs. Try to search for low-sodium options when you buy them. Can do last longer than frozen veggies, but they often have a higher sodium level. Frozen vegetables are lower in sodium and still have a much longer life than fresh produce. Making these purchases can be easier on your budget.

Watch your store sales and online ads and use them as your resource. Find other items to stock up on like oatmeal, rice, and nuts.  What else can you think of right now?

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