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22 Minute Hard Corps Review and Equipment List

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Time is always precious. We spend each minute of the day multi-tasking and still seem to fall behind. The last thing we need is to find an hour and a half to go to the gym, get a time pictureworkout in, shower, and get on with the rest of our day. What we need is something fast but still gets the job done. We want a 20-minute workout we can do at home with minimal equipment. We need something quick but fun. What we need is 22 Minute Hard Corps by P90X creator, Tony Horton. Here is my 22 Minute Hard Corps review and equipment list.

22 Minute Hard Corps is one of the slew of “20 Minute” workouts (those taking less than half an hour). There may be many, but there are none like this. This workout is a 22-minute boot camp style workout created by Tony Horton and features a cast of veterans. 22 Minute Hard Corps is a two-month long boot camp style program built on the fundamentals of military PT training.

The program is broken down into the primary phase and a final phase. The last phase of the program is known as Hell Week, taken from the military idea of the same name. It is essentially doing doubles, but by the time you get to hell week, you’ll be ready for it.

This 20-minute workout is slightly different from the others in this category, such as T25. It moves with cadence. This means you will be doing your exercises along with the video. There are no worksheets to follow and nothing to write down during the workout. You’ll be doing plenty of bodyweight exercises for resistance and cardio moves . . all to the cadence in the video.

22 Minute Hard Corps Equipment

The equipment you need for 22 Minute Hard Corps is basic. You’ll need a good pair of shoes and some weight. The weight does not need to be professional dumbbells, but they do help. If you do not have any weights at home, try the upgraded kit that comes with a PT Sandbag. However, if you want a good set of dumbbells that do not take up much room, try22 minute hard corp equipment the Bowflex Selectech or the Powerblocks. Both choices are solid choices for the home gym and a sound investment in your health and wellbeing.

You will also need a pull-up bar or a good resistance band with a door attachment for pull ups. You have quite a few choices here, too many to list. I use the Perfect Pull-up, which you can briefly see in my video here. Also, an excellent choice is the P90X pull up bar. If you have space, getting a pull-up station with a bolted in bar works well.

Beyond that, you might find a use for a yoga or jump mat to help protect your joints and work safely during ground workouts. If you would like to see the essential equipment needed in the home gym, I have made a short video here.


Is It Right For You?

22 Minute Hard Corps isn’t for everyone. I found the program to be a moderate workout that I needed to sometimes double up. But what I got out of those 22 Minutes was definitely not easy. This is a good program for beginners and intermediates. The advanced may find they need more. But Beachbody programs are guaranteed. If you find it is not right for you, simply return it and find something that is. Contact me to find out which program is right for you. Have you done a boot camp style program in the past? What was your experience with it? Tell me in the comments below. fill out the form and I can be in contact with y

If you would like some more information and a Free Tony Horton workout video, fill out the form and I can be in contact with you.

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