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Beachbody Wholesale Buyer

OK, here’s the deal. I know you are enjoying the workouts and hopefully your ShakeologyShakeology packets too, but you want a way to save a few bucks each month and get in the best shape of your life! So did I and this is how you can do it too because who doesn’t like to save a few bucks with something that gives you incredible value every day? Become a Beachbody Wholesale Buyer.

How Can You Save Money?

It took me a while to take advantage signing up because I didn’t think it would save me money at first. Let me explain. Since taxes vary throughout the U.S. and Canada, I’m going to use a generic $10.00 for the tax to simplify this explanation.

The Low Down

This is what you are paying now:

Shakeology $129.95 + Shipping (HD)  $2.00 + Tax $10.00 = $141.95 Total per Month. Which don’t get me wrong  is a great deal, but we can do better?

How Much Will It Cost To Sign Up?

There is a one-time fee of $39.95 to sign up unless you have previously purchased a25% discount pic Challenge Pack then that fee is waived or if you are a current or a veteran of the U.S. military. After the first month, you are charged a monthly fee of $15.95 which gives you 25% off all products sold by Team Beachbody.

So What Are My Savings?

1st Month

Shakeology $97.46 + Shipping (HD) $2.00 + Tax $10.00 = $109.46

2nd Month

Shakeology $97.46 + Shipping (HD) $2.00 + Tax $10.00 + Business Fee $15.95 = $125.41

So you actually save $16.54 per month or $198.48 per year! That breaks down to almost 2 FREE bags of Shakeology per year plus all of the other killer programs or products you can save on by buying with your 25% discount! Click the link if you’re ready to save now!





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