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How to Conquer the Fear of Starting a Program

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How to Conquer the Fear of Starting A Program

Afraid to start that workout? A little nervous about pressing play on that new program? There are some reasons we procrastinate starting a new diet or fitness regimen. We might Find a Grocery Storefear to get a little bulky from weight lifting. We may fear simply failing to complete the program yet one more time. We might fear the amount of time it takes or fear of the dedication we’ll have to muster to see it through. There are any number of other reasons that stop us from starting, but a common thread runs through all those reasons. We fear. How to conquer the fear of starting a program?

Fearing something new and unknown, for whatever reason, is perfectly normal, natural, and quite common with a workout start. But the question remains, how to conquer the fear of starting a program. You can overcome the fear of starting a program in a few easy steps. The first you have probably already done, which is why you’re here reading this. You need to recognize the fear. Recognition of the fear of starting a program gives you a starting point.

The next steps are more personalized, but generally speaking, talk yourself out of it. Here’s a good place to mention that if you find this fear debilitating, you may want to talk with a professional. But if this is very much workout specific, here are a few solutions to the most common fears associated with starting a workout.

1.     Fear of Failure

This fear is probably the most common. We don’t begin the exercise program because we are afraid we won’t succeed in either finishing the program, getting the results we want, or both. The simple solution to this is to remove failure as an option. Start telling yourselfFatigue that not starting is the only failure. Convince yourself of this. Tell yourself that any workout, no matter how badly it may go, is always better than no workout at all. Also, break down the program into small goals, maybe even daily. Only focus on the goal of working out or eating right that day. Small, measurable goals will help you succeed.

2.     Fear of Looking Ridiculous

Unfortunately, you’re probably going to look a bit silly the first time you work out. But there are ways around that. First, you can try one of Beachbody’s programs to workout atNot Maximizing Output home and look and sound as ridiculous as you want. Secondly, you can work out with a knowledgeable friend or hire a personal trainer. Or do all three!

3.     Fear of Change

We fear change; it’s an unknown. We don’t know what to expect when we embark on a new route in life. But with a Beachbody Coach and a Fitness Challenge Group, you can have guidance and support along your journey to change. A Beachbody Coach, like me, is simply someone who has gone through the programs, has taken the first steps like you’re about to do, and come out the other side wanting to help others. I do that in my Challenge Groups. You can find out more about those here.

So How to conquer the Fear of Starting a Program?

Ultimately, that’s up to you and your personal goals. What are you afraid of? Can you identify it? If you can take those first steps, you can take the rest. Don’t allow the fear of starting keep you from succeeding. Remember, you can only truly fail if you don’t try. What holds you back and what solutions have you found?

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