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Fear of Being Bulky: Women & Weightlifting

Women lifting weights

Crush the Fear of Being Bulky, Don’t Fear the Weights

Having a fear of being bulky from lifting weights is understandable, but just a myth. Don’t woman lifting weightsbe afraid of the weights, they could be one of the best things to happen to you, your body, your mood, and your life. Weight lifting in women tends to produce some excellent results. But first, let’s understand why lifting weights won’t make you bulky.

Testosterone can reduce your fear of being bulky!

Okay, not really. But you need to know that testosterone is a fundamental component in muscle building. Testosterone is necessary for huge muscle growth, and women only have 1/15th the amount men do. So you can lift the same size weight proportionally and never gain the size a guy will. Lifting weight does produce some testosterone, but with a balanced program, not enough to matter.

It is possible to get huge even without the ability to readily produce testosterone, but you’ll have to put in far more effort into weightlifting than a typical individual puts forth. Youweight lifting female need this effort to create the testosterone you lack, along with some generous supplementing. You will need to monitor your food very closely, counting every calorie and classifying it by type. You will also need to be extremely dedicated to weightlifting and mostly avoid other types of workouts.

You won’t run into any of these problems with the Beachbody workouts. You may put on a touch of muscle during the Body Beast workout, but only if you lift big, lift correctly, and aim to get some size.

Trading Muscle for Fat

What tends to happen with most of us as we begin a workout regimen is a simple trade up program. We may even gain a bit of weight in the long run. But you should not have a fear of being bulky because of this little phenomenon. What is happening is pretty simple. You are putting on lean mass (muscle) and losing fat, but that lean mass is much more densewoman on scale than fat. In other words, you can maintain the same weight but watch the waistline shrink and the muscles begin to tone. The tape measure is sometimes more accurate than the scale.

What you eat matters just as much. Your muscles are made of the food you eat, or lack size, tone, definition, and strength because of the quality of your food. To gain huge amounts of muscle, you’d need to eat a huge amount of good calories in conjunction with lifting some heavy weights on a regular basis. Both need to go hand in hand with a very strict lifting routine. Moderate lifting routines just don’t have these components.

How you lift matters

The type of lifting you do makes a big difference. You can lift for strength, size, or endurance. Your lifting goals will determine how you lift. You may be going for endurance and therefore, take tiny breaks with very light weights and huge volume. Or if you’re lifting for strength you may have really low reps with massive weights. These are merely examples, weight training for a specific purpose is slightly more intricate.

So is there any need to be afraid?

Absolutely not. Gaining a ton of mass from lifting some weights is just a myth. The amount of time, both during a workout and long-term that you’d have to dedicate to getting bulky muscle mass is a bit nuts. Muscle growth would happen so slowly with a typical weight lifting program that it would be hard to spot. Not only that, but it tends to plateau, meaning eventually you simply won’t gain any more size without a ridiculous effort. You simply won’t wake up tomorrow with giant arms. Forget the fear of getting bulky during a moderate weight lifting program like Beachbody has.

What will most likely happen is you’ll lose fat, put on lean body mass, increase bone density, lower cholesterol, increase positive mood, sleep better, feel better, move better. You’ll be better. Weight lifting should be for life and for living it.

If you’re still worried about getting too much muscle, contact me today and I’ll guide you towards a program that will only tone, sculpt, and create the body you want.

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