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21 Day Health/Fitness Accountability Group

Are you ready for a change? I run a 21 Day Health/Fitness Accountability Groups through Facebook that run every month. Spots are limited to 5-10 people so please keep reading below to see if this would be a good fit for you. Sound good? I’ll see you at the bottom of the page!


Does This Sound Familiar?

~I am crazy busy! A Busy Mom, Dad, Wife, Husband, or Friend
~Someone who is ready to make themselves a top priority, (that probably hasn’t in a while)
~Ready to make a change in their life for the better (why wouldn’t you?)
~Willing to push themselves both physically and mentally (its not all just physical, right?), whatever their level is to get in the best shape of their life
~Wants to feel both better in your clothes and their skin (who doesn’t want to feel better?)
~Willing to take 30 minutes, for you, for 21 Days (it’s a start, right?)
~Needs an accountability group to keep them going for support and motivation (it’s ok to admit it, really)!

accountability-sticky-note~Struggles with food and needs a plan to teach them healthier habits that is easy to follow (really easy to follow because you get to eat real food, no diet!) ~Is ready to create new healthy habits that can be repeated every day. Every day! (It takes 21 Days to break a bad habit and form a new one) Sound like you? Of course it does! So let’s get started!!

Let’s Get You Started

Please fill out the form below and please enjoy a FREE workout video and I will get back to you ASAP so we can get you started!

~This is for all levels of fitness from beginners to athletes.
~This group will begin on June 29th and spots are limited, so message me asap!. I can’t give you the support your looking for with a group too big so I have to limit it! I’m excited to have you join the group so we can do this together!

If you would still like a little more information about what a 21 Day Health/Fitness Accountability Group can do for you please click here for more information!

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